Adventurous and sincere would be the perfect way to describe indie pop/folk duo ROWANN.

Because of a shared musical interest and the eagerness to experiment with sounds, song structures and styles, an exciting blend has defined their music. Distinct vocals combined with harp and electric guitar form the core. The formation that would be classified as a duo succeeds in creating a band-like sound by clever use of several instruments and effects such as a loop station, foot percussion and ambient soundscapes.

Through personal experiences inspiration is found, but also the outdoors seem to provide interesting themes. A landscape evolves to a soundscape and a river into a melody.By photographing and creating film an atmosphere is built that enhances the depth of their music.

ROWANN plays a dynamic and surprising live show in which the audience is taken on a journey that can be soothing and calm but also turbulent and dark.


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Feel free to contact us for bookings or other inquiries at:

info@rowann.nl or +31 612 471 379