Adventurous and sincere would be the perfect way to describe ROWANN’s music. Personal songs about themes that might keep her awake at night and take her away while daydreaming. Whether she strums the guitar or plays the harp her voice will always take you on a journey, which can be soothing and calm, but also turbulent and dark.

Together with Robert Swijgman she writes, produces and performs live. His convincing approach on electric guitar and use of original effects makes a nice blend with the harp. Because the two have worked together for a while, there's been room for the development of a unique style. Several musical layers of different instruments and vocal parts make the music vivid and detailed.

By photographing and creating film, they tend to build a certain atmosphere that enhances the depth of the music. A landscape can evolve to a soundscape and a river into a melody. In contrast to their work in their studio they like to rearrange the music with all its layers for just the two of them. With clever use of a loop station, foot percussion, ambient effects but also the combination of the harp and electric guitar, ROWANN plays a dynamic and surprising live show.


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Feel free to contact us for bookings or other inquiries at:

info@rowann.nl or +31 612 471 379